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Driftwood Canopy Tents
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Driftwood Canopy Tents


Outdoor concerts, fairs, exhibits, expos–we see canopy tents more often than not during these special events that happen in almost any kind of community. These structures provide both promotional and ancillary functions, making them very vital tools to make such events run successfully.

Custom event tent

With their ability to stand out from a sea of people and objects, canopy tents are very effective promotional tools in high-traffic events. They commonly stand way beyond the average human height, and they can be designed to achieve whatever level of visibility you want them to have. With a well-designed canopy tent, you can easily increase the customer traffic in your kiosk, stall, or exhibit station at any event.

Unlike other visual tools that can only offer visibility, canopy tents offer something vital in perhaps all kinds of public events–shelter. Canopy tents offer a special shaded space where your customers can be comfortable while engaging with your offerings.

Get top-quality, durable, and well-designed Driftwood, TX canopy tents from the leading graphics company, Royal Signs & Awnings. We are confident to say that with our complete in-house equipment and highly trained experts to handle them, we can design, manufacture, and install any form of canopy tent that you have in mind. Call us as soon as you can and tell us all about your business, from your creative vision to your budget and desired schedule, and we’ll be there to accommodate your needs.

Call Royal Signs & Awnings today at (512) 872-5668 for your Free Consultation with an Driftwood Canopy Tent expert!

Functional & Attractive

Canopy tents are very useful because of two things that only they can offer: promotions and protection.

Custom storefront canopy signsWith their standard height and space, canopy tents can provide a nice, comfortable, and functional room and shade for any type of activity. This allows visitors to enter, view your products, converse with your staff, and do business with you.

Along with their height comes the powerful ability to make anything more visible, whether it’s your business name, brand, logo, or whatever image or text you want to be displayed. They also act as a sort of wayfinding tool. Because canopy tents look like landmarks, they can help people find their way around large areas.

If you want canopy tents that are as attractive as they are functional, Royal Signs & Awnings is the best option you have. Our graphic artists and engineers will make sure your tents are well-designed for the public to see them vividly as well as sturdy and well-crafted to provide space well.

Pop-Up Canopy Tents

If you’re looking for a smaller version of canopy tents, something that is meant for temporary use and can be easily carried around, we got you covered.

custom tradeshow canopyOur pop-up canopy tents are designed for smaller spaces and logistical considerations. If you have a place in the market or a small exhibit, you will definitely enjoy this product.

Even though they are made of durable steel, stainless steel, or aluminum, we make them in such a way that allows their users to easily carry them around.

We make them tough yet lightweight enough so they can be easily set up and taken down in minutes.

The fabric is also made of tough polyester, enough to stand against precipitation or harsh sunlight and provide comfortable shade.

Full-Service Sign Company

Even though our Driftwood canopy tents are highly effective in both marketing and accommodation, promotional endeavors often demand more than just one product.

trade show table cover displayAt Royal Signs & Awnings, you can get virtually any promotional product available in the signage, graphics, and marketing industry. From the smallest vinyl graphics to the largest banners, we can do everything at the highest quality possible in today’s technology.

Having a complete set of top-of-the-line designing and manufacturing equipment is one of our best assets. But we are also confident in our highly trained and skilled team of specialists, from the graphic designers capable of helping you build a full-blown brand from scratch to our engineers that can handle any technical work involving the manufacturing, installation, repair, and maintenance of products used for promotions.

Free Canopy Tent Consultation

Driftwood Canopy Tents royal signs logo 300x108Are you looking for an amazing yet affordable canopy tent? Get them in any customization you want at Royal Signs & Awnings. We can make them in any size, color, material, or design you want!

Our experts are more than happy to accommodate all your inquiries. We want to help you get the best out of our services and show you how much we can help improve your business, whether through our top-notch Driftwood canopy tents or any other promotional product you want to order from us.

Call Royal Signs & Awnings today at (512) 872-5668 for your Free Consultation with an Driftwood Canopy Tent expert!