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Manor Sign Company

Looking for exciting new ways to attract potential customers, improve customer experience, or further your market reach? Attractive, high-quality signs by Manor sign company, Royal Signs & Awnings, will create the impact you need to drive your business forward!

Custom Building Sign & Awning Sign

The right combination of cohesive indoor and outdoor signage plays a significant role in building customer interest, confidence, and ultimately converting potential customers into returning patrons. Well-crafted signage is the perfect way to introduce your business to your community, informing potential customers that the products or services you provide are the solutions to their problems, ultimately making their lives better.

Conversely, having mediocre signs made by big-box companies will only draw doubt about the quality of the services and products you provide. You need a reliable signage provider that understands how to help you effectively use signage to meet your marketing goals. Royal Signs & Awnings has a proven track record of delivering the signage solutions that businesses need to achieve their marketing goals.

Call Royal Signs & Awnings today at (512) 872-5668 for your Free Consultation with a Signs & Graphics expert!

Complete Commercial Signage Company

Custom Lobby Signs

Royal Signs & Awnings is your local, Manor, TX full-service signage shop that has the solutions you need to build your brand, increase customer recognition, and meet your marketing reach all on a budget that works for you.

When working with us, we handle every aspect of the signage project, from design through manufacturing, installation, and maintenance. This eliminates the need to go from signage shop to signage shop to get the signs you need to grow your business. We want your focus to be on growing your business and not on where you need to go next to complete the signage you need to assist your customers.

Our goal is to utilize sustainable machines, materials, and practices that conserve energy and reduce waste. By focusing on efficient manufacturing and business practices, we can produce environmentally friendly signage that saves you both time and money.

When you need an attractive storefront sign or high-quality promotional signage for your business, Royal Signs & Awnings is the signage partner you can rely on for all of your business goals and needs.

Signs That Work For You

Custom Post Panel Sign

As a full-service Manor signs & graphics provider, Royal Signs & Awnings helps with all of your business signage needs and services, including design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance. We manage all of our sign projects locally, utilizing state-of-the-art machines and eco-friendly materials to produce the attractive, high-quality signage solutions you will come to depend on.

Whether you need attractive storefront signage, wayfinding signage, indoor or outdoor signage our talented team of sign specialists will use your branding, logo, and ideas to create the perfect signage solutions you need to reach your marketing goals. Our custom-made signs are the cohesive, consistent branding tools you need to increases your brand visibility and customer recognition that will cement your brand in the minds of your customers.

The Right Signage For Your Business

custom window vinyl wrapEvery business has its unique signage needs, however, most businesses fall into categories with similar needs, such as non-profit organizations, manufacturing, retail stores, service providers, or professional services/office buildings. We have worked with various industry leaders, giving us the unique insight on how each of these different industries utilizes their facilities to attract, engage, and assist new clients, guests, or customers. This allows our team of talented signage experts to quickly identify and make recommendations on the signage that best fits your business.

When you need to increase your brand recognition and reach your target audience, the signs you choose will have a significant impact on how you achieve those goals. Royal Signs & Awnings will create the cohesive blend of signage needed to give your business the professional image you have always wanted.

Outdoor & Exterior Signs

Exterior SignageAccording to a study conducted by the International Sign Association, exterior signage is the top reason customers stop into a local business that they have never gone to before.

This makes your outdoor signage the best place to start promoting your brand and business. Your exterior signs can tell a lot about who you are as a company and what quality of products or services you provide. By utilizing eye-catching, impactful signage, your customers will see that you are a professional business providing the unique products and services they need to make their lives easier.

We can make any outdoor signs you could ever need from projecting signs, roof signs, channel letter signs, LED signs, and monument signs. When you want to increase your foot traffic and increase your bottom line, look no further than Royal Signs & Awnings for all of your sign company needs.

Indoor & Interior Signs

Attractive Custom Lobby SignsOnce your clients, customers, or guests have taken the first step into your facility, your indoor signs need to deliver on the promise your storefront signage has made. Your interior signage needs to be attractive, impactful, and cohesive with other signage elements and brand messages.

The indoor signage blend you need for your business depends largely on your business type and individual needs. Manufacturing plants need high-visibility safety signage, while offices can benefit from attractive lobby signage. Retail stores are in need of promotional product signage, while schools often utilize educational signage. Every business requires ADA and wayfinding signage. Our experienced signage staff is able to help you quickly identify key signage needs and recommend the perfect signage to help you achieve your goals.

Custom Signs

custom dimensional lettering

At Royal Signs & Awnings, we believe that cookie-cutter signs simply won’t do when building your brand and business. That’s why every sign we produce is custom-made for you. We ensure that every sign we create is complementary and cohesive with your brand, physical location, and needs, all within your budget.

Custom signage allows your business to display the character of your brand and personality. Having custom signs means you get exactly what you want, including brand name, fonts, logos, colors, and unique marketing message. If you want an attractive storefront sign, compelling window displays, custom privacy film, or helpful wayfinding signage, we will design, fabricate, and install your specialty signage for that professional look you have always wanted!

As your local leading signage company, we create the custom signage you want and need to increase brand and business recognition. Whether you only need a single sign or need a comprehensive collection of cohesive signage, Royal Signs & Awnings is ready to help you achieve your business goals!

Our Process

Free Consultation

Free Consultation with Sign Expert

During your Free Consultation, we discuss your business promotional goals and signage needs. We want your signage to work for you and take the time needed to understand your business, team, brand, and signage needs. We will discuss what you need, when you need it, and start working on fulfilling those needs immediately.

This includes a complete quote for your signage project, before passing our conversation to our talented design team.

Sign Design

Custom Sign Design

After your initial consultation, our team of graphic designers will review your ideas, and work with any files, logos, or creatives you have. Once our design team has utilized your brand elements and created a design that they feel meets your signage needs, you will be provided with a proof of what your final project will look like. This sample allows you to change anything including colors, fonts, logo placement, and text for any fine tuning you need.

You can be confident that the signage you will receive is the signage you had in mind.

Sign Creation

Custom Sign Manufacturing

Once you approve the design of your signage project, it moves into the manufacturing phase. We manage all projects here locally. This means that once our design team is finished, they will provide your project to our fabrication team to complete without delay, reducing the time you have to wait and the worry associated with a third party fabricator. We are dedicated to producing signage through efficient, sustainable production methods, utilizing high-quality eco-friendly materials that provide superior signage solutions that save you both time and money. Not only do we produce all of your signage elements, we also assist with sourcing supporting accessories like electrical components, banner stands, and holders.

We believe that by handling every aspect of the signage process, we are able to provide you with one provider that handles any and all questions you have about your signage project, making your signage investment a worry-free investment.

Sign Installation

Custom Sign Installation

For any sign to do its job, it needs to be installed properly. Our experienced installation team handles every aspect of the installation process, including compliance and permit issues, as well as proper electrical installation and stabilization for safety purposes.

We want your sign to be a source of pride and a reminder of the high-quality work you have come to depend on by Royal Signs & Awnings. When it comes to driving your business forward, we want our signs to be a big part of your solution.

Our Commitment To You

Manor Sign Company royal signs logo 300x108At Royal Signs & Awnings, we know the impact high-quality attractive business signs can have on your ability to attract and retain customers and clients.

Our mission is to ensure your complete satisfaction through every stage of sign creation and ownership. By providing expert design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and repair, we hope to become the one-stop Manor sign company that you can rely on for all of your business and personal signage needs.

Contact Royal Signs & Awnings today at (512) 872-5668 for your Free Consultation with a Signs & Graphics expert!