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Post & Panel Signs
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Post & Panel Signs


Known for being versatile and cost-effective, post and panel signs are many industries’ choice for communicating with potential and existing customers. Your business can’t go wrong with them, especially when they’re made by a reputable sign company like Royal Signs & Awnings.

Custom branded wayfinding post and panel signWe specialize in post and panel signs and our goal is to give you signs that meet the exact needs of your business. The signs that we create are made to order and we customize them according to your preferred size, shape, and materials. This ensures that your post and panel signs do their job of capturing the attention of passersby and building brand visibility.

Another way we cater to your business’s needs is that while we deliver you the entire post and panel sign system, we also replace panels or elements on existing signage. Whether you need a sign post, panel signs, post bases, or even a replacement post finials, Royal Signs & Awnings keeps your signage looking great.

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Effective Wayfinding and Directional Signs

wayfinding post and panel signWayfinding signs, directories, and directional signs assist people in unfamiliar surroundings by informing them where they are currently, and helping them find the right direction. Post and panel signs can literally point the way.

Built to be highly visible, post and panel signs by Royal Signs & Awnings are an easy, affordable way to inform and support your clients, customers, and potential customers in navigating your campus, park, or facility. With years of signage experience, Royal Signs & Awnings understands the intricacies of wayfinding design, and will utilize that experience to your benefit. We use appropriate sizes, legible typefaces, and color contrasts to build your effective wayfinding and directional signs. When you need the right solution for wayfinding signage, all signs point to Royal Signs & Awnings.

Signs That Showcase Your Brand

Custom Post Panel SignTell potential customers that they came to the right place. A lot more affordable than a monument sign but giving the same effect, post and panel signs are a viable option for site identifiers.

With their size, visibility, attractiveness, and durability, post and panel signs help you catch customers’ attention and speak your brand at the same time. Royal Signs & Awnings also customizes the signs in order to effectively convey your business’s message. You can choose from a host of post and panel sign designs such as carved or sandblasted wood signs, aluminum and curved metal panels, PVC, LED message boards, and many more.

Royal Signs & Awnings also knows that property signs are usually intended as permanent structures, this is why our products are highly durable and the perfect choice for your outdoor post and panel sign needs.

Low-Cost Outdoor Signs

Custom post and panel outdoor signFor those desiring temporary outdoor signs, post and panel signs could still be the answer for you. Royal Signs & Awnings offers more cost-effective alternatives such as a PVC signage with digitally printed graphics. They don’t cost as much as their metal counterparts but they do the job and can stand against the weather a lot better than ordinary post signs.

Post and panel signs continue to be a popular choice for real estate signs, site signs, construction signs, and others that get changed, updated, or discarded frequently.

Full-Service Sign Company

custom promotional post panel signRoyal Signs & Awnings aims to cater to every business’s signage needs. This is why the services we offer can be tailored according to your preferred market, timeline, brand identity, and budget.

With a reliable team of signage specialists, Royal Signs & Awnings has the tools, advice, and experience needed to ensure your project is a success. From concept to design, manufacturing, and professional installation, Royal Signs & Awnings would be more than happy to drive those signs right through the ground for you.

Free Post and Panel Signs Consultation

Interested in visually communicating with customers and potential customers? A post and panel sign is a great place to start, and Royal Signs & Awnings is here to help you out with that. Speak with one of our experienced signage experts to learn how to maximize your signs’ visibility and effectiveness today.

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